Hongo Oiwake milestone traces of 4km to Nihonbashi

There is a mark of "4km to Nihonbashi" in the vicinity of the Hongo University of Tokyo Akamon。

That is 4km from Nihonbashi、Is that there was also a milestone of Nakasendo (Nakasendo) originating from the Nihonbashi。Currently, there are still as "Hongo Oiwake milestone mark"。

Takasakiya who is at the milestone mark is、Is a liquor store of long-established much more than 200 years, which was founded in treasure calendar year。

here、Shogun is also the starting point branches to sunlight Onari the road when you go to Nikko Toshogu。Since the old days of Nakasendo and the root of the current Hongo street is a little different、And "4km to Nihonbashi," said Hongo Oiwake milestone mark has an error about 100m is。

[Location], Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Mukaioka 1-1-17[map]