Masaoka Shiki、赤穂浪士ゆかりの「笹乃雪」

Yuan recorded four years (1691) Entrepreneurship、Masaoka Shiki、Ako warriors Yukari of Tofu (bean curd) is the cuisine of the shop。

After the raid of Ako warriors、This historic long-established enough to have delivered the tofu to Kuranosuke Oishi was deposited in the Hosokawa House et al.。

There is also at the store was made for the first time silken tofu in Edo。

But just from Uguisudani Station (Nippori side of the exit)、You walk from the Nippori Station。

Taste different from the tofu you are always bought、You can enjoy the atmosphere。

【所在地】 東京都台東区根岸2-15-10 [map]

[Sales] 9:30 am to 8:00 pm 11:Monday holiday