The main hall of the family temple, Kan'ei-ji of the Tokugawa family, "Konponchudo"

Higashi Eizan Kan'ei-ji of the main hall, which is also the family temple of the Tokugawa family is "Konponchudo"。There is also in the Tendai sect exceptional Daihonzan。Founded in Kan'ei-ji is is 1625、Konponchudo is built of 1698。
Your principal image of Kan'ei-ji is Yakushi (Yakushi Ruriko Tathagata)、Imperial scroll of "Ruri dono" that follows the "Konponchudo" is due to Emperor Higashiyama。

Famous Korin Ogata brother in Rimpa、There is also the tomb of Kenzan Ogata。Ogata work of Korin、There is also will be seen in the permanent exhibition of the Tokyo National Museum of about a 5-minute walk from Kan'ei-ji。

For comparison、"Higashi Eizan" is、As Hiei to protect the Kyoto Imperial Palace of Kimon (northeast)、Meaning that protect the Kimon "Hiei of Kanto" of Edo Castle has been put。surely、Ueno Park is located in the north-east of Edo Castle (Imperial Palace)。

Ueno Park there Kannondo and Shimizu in Shinobazunoike Bentendo is also one of the temple of Kan'ei-ji。The old days、The entire area of ​​Ueno Park were included in the site of the old precincts of Kan'ei-ji。

1868After most of Kyara of Kan'ei-ji has been destroyed by Ueno war of the year、1873Site is specified in the park a year、1924Now named "Ueno Park" to the year。

Stone monument of "East Hieizan" Kan'ei-ji temple gate

【place】Yanesen walk map (10) From the old Yoshidaya Hotel about a 5-minute walk

[Location] Taito-ku, Tokyo Uenosakuragi 1-14-11[map]