Pen and sword of Kaisei Gakuen

School is open to enter one's name to the top schools every year at the University of Tokyo Goukakushasu rankings。Kaisei → University of Tokyo → Given the way that the bureaucracy、Even though the school supporting the Japan、I will not say too much。You might too say。It says there would be school to support Japan in Yanesen around、You will want to support in such Koshien qualifying。

Kaisei school of course is not the only University of Tokyo。The OB、There also Yoshihito Yahagi trainer of JRA (Japan Racing Association)。It has been chosen: JRA top trainer at the opening of business a few years、It is the most dominating to win the G1 in the opening 5 years。開成調教師」という本までお書きになっています

Location is just off the Nishinippori Station、Natsume is where there has been a "Sanshiro" come out even, such as "suburban residence of Satake" of Soseki。Building from Nishinippori Station Yamanote Line visible emblem of the pen and the sword。That the "pen is mightier than the sword."、Firmly study、I want you to rebuild Japan (but I'm afraid in justification by faith)。

For comparison、There is a sandwich is delicious bakery "sandwich pawpaw" in front of the open school。Although I students of Kaisei is flocking、Underpinning the students of the brain is that the bakery? To think that、Underpinning Japan、あのサンドイッチ?

ということは自分も毎日あのサンドイッチを食べれば頭が良くなる?などとも思ってしまう私は一生、It does not have to going to be a good head。But、It is perfect to accompany walks。It is a bakery off the beaten path。

【所在地】東京都荒川区西日暮里4−2−4 [map]