Yanesen walkIt is the classic starting pointNipporiis。You can also enjoy starting from the other station、If Nippori start、Sunset gradually and Yanaka Ginza、"Himitsudo" of shaved ice、Such as "Emikichi" Finger Puppet、Maigret classic spot efficient。This course is also recommended for beginners。As you walk the route of the map is about 2 to 3 hours。

Yanesen walk map

This map is in PDF。See or to print in the smartphone、Please free to take advantage。The old part shops of information, please forgive me。

the following、We will introduce the classic spot to arrive at the walk course of Nippori onset。please refer。

Yanesen starting point of the walk Nippori Station

Yanesen walk from anywhere, but you can start、Starting point of the classic is the JR Nippori Station。

Yanesen of the starting point of the walk JR Nippori Station (north entrance gate)

Yanesen of the starting point of the walk JR Nippori Station (north entrance gate)

The Nippori Station there is a north and south of the wicket。Although there is no problem out in either、If over the classic spot of Yanesen walk to efficientNorth wicketis。South wicket will get out to the people of Yanaka Cemetery。But you can happily walk、Yanesen walk is safe is better to start from the north entrance gate of the Nippori Station。

The start of the walk to the palace hill

Nippori StationProceed to the left out of the north entrance gateYou up the hill that palace Saka。Spring is magnificent cherry blossoms。Who is also often taking photos。Here, those who thought that's the way to take a picture、Let's up the little hill。Temple shooting spot "Hongyotera" (Tsukimitera) you will see。

Month See Temple "Bank mosque."

Month See Temple "Bank mosque."

This book Gyotera is the old days、Good view enough to be called "Tsukimitera"、Issa Kobayashi also "blue fields of、Fishmonger dew、It is said that left a haiku alone liquor "。

The contrast of the cherry tree and the temple gate is photographed spot。All year round not only the spring、You can enjoy shooting。

【reference】Temple Bank

Famous chocolate shop in the middle of the palace hill is

The way to climb the palace hill、If you turn left at the Seven-Eleven、It stood quietly famous chocolate shop "chocolatier Inamura Portrait"。

Chocolate shop "chocolatier Inamura Portrait"

Chocolate shop "chocolatier Inamura Portrait"

Or build here、But it is situated、I think there is much self-confidence。Practical、It is always sold out。I think that sit If you are lucky because Sometimes vacant。Although just beginning to walk from Nippori Station、Please If you break。

[Chocolate shop] chocolatier Inamura portrait

Traces of Ueno war and cut up the palace hill

Crossroads you will see when you turn off up the palace hill。You can walk happily be carried out to the left or right、It is straight to the over the classic spot of Yanesen walk。For comparison、Is a left turn towards the mercenary Asakura Sculpture Museum is your。

Taito Ward Asakura Sculpture Museum | ASAKURA Museum of Sculpture, Skill

Through bullet holes remain in the temple gate Oji

Through bullet holes remain in the temple gate Oji

Through Oji on the right of the crossroads bullet holes remain in the temple gate is shooting point。This is a trace of Ueno war broke out by the old Shogunate forces and the new government forces。

Yanesen walk classic spot of "sunset gradually"

We went down little by little and straight through the crossroads。Exactly is the terrain of the street indicated by the address of Taito Ward "Yanaka"。And、Classic spot "sunset gradually" will appear in the Yanesen walk by taking advantage of this downhill。

Yanesen walk classic spot of "sunset gradually"

Yanesen walk classic spot of "sunset gradually"

But because stairs sunset looks beautiful It seems Uri、There is only the impression that "location a lot of stairs," for the locals。It long has been doing the location of the city Bra program。Recently also encountered on location of Fuji TV and Nippon Television。Who has not come out、I do not know。

Sunset gradually points of interest are "cat"

Sunset will because cat set spot than gradually say a beautiful sunset of a popular。Because not run away even approaching cats gather here、We are also enjoying the petting people in the walk。It is like this。Everybody、Please try to take a better photo。

Sunset gradually cat

Sunset gradually cat

Yanaka is it seems to be referred to as a "cat-cho"、This sunset gradually popular also might be large。But、Not necessarily come out all day so not a show、Does not come out when still hot。Toka in the cool morning、The evening is the aim eyes。While cool season is also that you are in one day。

Honmaru of the sunset straight to gradually walk "Ginza Yanaka"

Sunset will gradually begin Honmaru "Ginza Yanaka" of to and Yanesen walk straight through the。For comparison、The famous "Himitsudo" is who you're looking at the shaved ice is left at the front of the Ginza Yanaka。Please be careful。

Shaved ice shop Himitsudo

Yanaka store of choice to stop off at Ginza、We leave it to you in the sense。Classic is mince cutlet of Suzuki of meat。I almost always stop by the town bra program。I think the drop rate not that much 70%。

Yanaka Ginza classic "Suzuki of meat."

1One wonder if it was 230 yen。I'm high、Given normally。Mince cutlet one 230 yen、It's kind of a price、You might think that、By mince cutlet using Matsusaka beef、You can taste worthy of the price that certainly one 230 yen。This Gojisei、Since the price increases or might price cuts、Please confirm you the price。

Kanekichi Garden of Yanaka Ginza of tea

after、Since there are a variety of food-based store、I think in everyone of sense or if we dropped in、It is Mr. teahouse of my locals go。

Frequently shopping district of the tea house I、Is not it Allais。Although is was hard to express、It looks like it is better to buy at the supermarket。But、"Kanekichi Garden of tea" in this Yanaka Ginza (Kanekichien) is、Lineup of tea is also rich in、Bowl lineup also rich in、It is better that I stopped by all means if you like tea。You can bowl and towel is for sale also become objects of the room。

Yanaka and turn left at the Ginza of the end to the "night market shopping street"

Exit the Ginza Yanaka and walk for a while in such a feeling、Run into extending in the left and right "night market shopping street"。If you turn to the right Nishinippori direction、Cake shop called "drawing paper" is the classic。If you turn to the left Sendagi direction、It will comes out that is probably more advanced in here stop by a variety of shops。

First、Souvenir of classic Yanesen walk、Mommy's Ann Suriru Yanaka store apple pie would be noticeable。5 kinds of apples (Fuji-Tsugaru, Chiaki, Shinano sweet ruby) authentic apple pie of sticking to selectively use is popular depending on the season。Handmade。

Mommy's Ann Suriru Yanaka store of Apple Pie

mammies an sourire (Mommy's Ann Suriru)

Please visit us to favorite store because the shops on the left and right and walk a long night market shopping street is dotted。

Surprised at ultra-alike! Finger Puppet "Emikichi"

Popular puppet Emikichi also to foreigners

Mark of the end of the night market shopping street is "Emikichi"。3Get together people more than you can see the puppet performance。Or me also drawn portrait。Also、Although you please make a puppet of made-to-order、This is surprised just like in! Please try to surprised because are also placed in the shop。For more information、Please refer to the following page。

Refers to the human form, "laughs Kat"

To Nippori direction up the "Misakizaka"

Once past the puppet "Emikichi" I get to the main street called "Misakizaka" (Mr. Sakizaka)。Proceed to the right and Sendagi Station、You can walk towards the and go up the hill to the left Nippori Station and Ueno Station。

Convenient tour bus for a walk "Tour of you"

Tour bus convenient Taito to walk "Tour of you"

This circulation bus "do Tour of" Taito when he tired of walking around is convenient。Around here we have circulated you can ride at 100 yen。It goes to Ueno Station direction、You can also go to Asakusa。

Taito circulation bus "Tour of you"

Via Yanaka Cemetery to Nippori Station

Soon if you want to tighten the walk banged up the Misaki slope is、You can answer the Nippori over and Yanaka Cemetery proceed to the left。Since the Yanaka cemetery is sleeping celebrity、You may also try to find the grave in the rude-free range。

Also、In the cemetery is there are still traces of Rohan Koda, "the five-story pagoda"。There is no five-storied pagoda since had burned as you know。

Via Ueno Park to Ueno Station

Banged up the Misaki hill you can come out to Ueno Station via the proceeds to the right Ueno Park。

This street can not be overlooked spot is packed。

Retro cafe "Kayaba coffee"

Retro cafe "Kayaba coffee"

Retro cafe "Kayaba coffee" is the classic。To maintain the architecture Taisho has been operating under renovation with the help of support of NPO。

Kayaba coffee

Old Yoshidaya Hotel

Old Yoshidaya Hotel

There is also a historic building opposite the Kayaba coffee。State of the buildings and liquor stores of "Yoshidaya" has been saved, which has engaged in the liquor store from the Edo period。

Old Yoshidaya Hotel

As you walk through the Ueno Park is arrived at Ueno Station。If you can afford the time and physical fitness、I think that may be walked towards here.。


ThatLookLikeThis、Nippori Station onset Nippori wearing、Or walk the course of Ueno Station clothes was a brief introduction。Because there many interesting spots that were not introduced here、Please try to visit Once the mood during the walk。

It is a little old、Yanesen walk map also Please use。

Yanesen walk map (PDF), click here