Yanaka Ginza classic "Suzuki of meat."

Speaking of classic in classic Yanesen walk、Yanaka is mince cutlet of Suzuki of meat in the Ginza。It has been picked up as the do not know what was seen many times in the city Bra program。

This is why、People of Yanesen walk has tried to take the sign at night has become your way。Or feel that gold shine is too glare will only I。

For comparison、It is "Ginza Yanaka" (derived from Taito Ward "Yanaka"), but、Here is the "Arakawa Ward Nishinippori"。Arakawa-ku, in the land、Taito、Ward boundaries of the Bunkyo-ku, has mixed。It is also interesting to walk to look at such a place。

[Location] Arakawa-ku, Tokyo Nishinippori 3-15-5[map]