The famous red paper Niou in the divine favor of the sick and wounded healing

Tokakuji Temple within walking distance from Tabata Station、Red paper Niou is famous to pray for sick healing paste the red paper to the bad place。Has also been enshrined god of longevity of Yanaka Seven Lucky Gods。Adjacent to Tabata Hachiman Shrine is the shrine that originated from Minamoto no Yoritomo and Tsuruoka Hachimangu.。

Good weather、These three consecutive holidays are the best days to visit the Yanaka Seven Lucky Gods.。Tokakuji Temple at the start of "Fukurokuju" by Yanaka Shichifukujin is famous for Akagami Nio。

It is two that look like a red mass that is crisp in the photo。It is a matter of sticking red paper on a bad place and praying for healing of the illness.。Nio is no longer visible due to all the red paper。

Amida Nyorai shining golden in this temple、Dainichi Nyorai is sitting、The ground pattern Aoi also shines golden、It's perfect for starting a bright year with good luck。

The place is about 400m walk from the north exit of Tabata station (opposite Ueno area) and walk to the left (inside the Yamanote line).。

For comparison、The main deity is Fudo Myo。

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