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Encho's tomb stand in (Zenshō-an) "Yanaka large Kannon"

Zenshō-an that does not take off in the temples tour of Yanaka。 Temple Zenshō-an is that was built is Tesshu Yamaoka、Tesshu Yukari of goods also has holdings。There is also the tomb of San'yuteiencho there is an edge、It will be held "Encho Festival" in August every year。Crowded in such a public and stalls of the ghost image to holdings。 Also visited the Zen meditation political and business heavyweights。 There are also rumors that the temple became an opportunity to bounce back is Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to one estimate。What was hidden support Japan "power spot"。 There are also grave, such as San'yuteiencho san and Tesshu Yamaoka with Yukari to Zenshō-an and sleeping heavyweights in tomb。 Literally next to the tomb is "Yanaka large Kannon" in the "big game" and watch the worshipers。It seems "Yanaka large Kannon" in 1991 in the open-eye has been Kannon。 6It is a majestic figure in excess of m might be "hidden attractions" because not visible from the road。Buddha Mania is a must-see。 Sponsoring

Kanekichi Garden buckwheat sprouts of exquisite Issuntei and tea

もやしそばが絶品のラーメン屋「一寸亭(ちょっとてい)」は谷中銀座にあるお茶の金吉園の奥にあります写真の奥に見える青い看板ですお茶の金吉園もおすすめですよ茶器が結構充実しています有田焼とか美濃焼とかここでいくつ買ったかな安くて掘り出し物の器があるんですよね迷って買わないで次に行ったときには売れちゃってるあの良さげな白磁誰が買ったのか器も一期一会ですなピンと来たら買わないとお茶も充実してるんでもやしそば食べたら寄ってみてください私はここでハブ茶ばっかり買ってますが安いのでお茶の金吉園は10:00~19:30の営業で日曜日休です【営業】11:30~22:00(日曜・祝日は21:30まで/火曜日休) スポンサーリンク

Brilliant Kogenji of eleven faces Kannon (Komagome large Kannon)

Komagome is eleven faces Kannon of large Kannon Kogenji。To Kannon with this style and shine、Would not it does not meet easily。Since the size is perfect、I want to Desktop for a while。Location、It is about a 10-minute walk from Honkomagome Station。Has been enshrined in the place where I walked for a while Kogenji (Kogenji) up the dumpling hill from Sendagi Station。 Although there were image as originally of 8m was destroyed in air raid Tokyo、It was rebuilt in the size of about 6m in 1993。 Fair "Shimanrokusen'nichi ground cherry Sennari Ri city" will be open every July。Because Shimanrokusen'nichi is、It means that it is possible to get the divine favor of Shimanrokusen'nichi worth if worship to this day。 Eleven faces Kannon among the Kannon is、Giving a lot of this world income (ten species victory) to people living with this world、It is said that he will bring the luck (four kinds luck) in the afterlife。The shining Big eleven faces Kannon、Why not try to pray for divine favor large。 Sponsoring

Journey of divine favor spot over in Komagome onset-Namboku

駒込六義園(江戸城の真北に置かれた元祖パワースポット) 本駒込目赤不動 東大前根津神社 後楽園小石川大神宮(伊勢神宮の遥宮・特別御神璽を奉載) 飯田橋毘沙門天 善國寺(嵐ファンの聖地とか画像のお寺) 永田町豊川稲荷 溜池山王日枝神社 麻布十番麻布氷川神社(猫御守ってのがあります) 不動前目黒不動(水かけ不動に水をかけまくって祈願!) たこ薬師(祈願中はタコを食べてはダメらしい) スポンサーリンク

Yanaka Ginza classic mince cutlet "Suzuki of meat."

Speaking of classic in classic Yanesen walk、Yanaka is mince cutlet of Suzuki of meat in the Ginza。It has been picked up as the do not know what was seen many times in the city Bra program。 This is why、People of Yanesen walk has tried to take the sign at night has become your way。Or feel that gold shine is too glare will only I。 For comparison、It is "Ginza Yanaka" (derived from Taito Ward "Yanaka"), but、Here is the "Arakawa Ward Nishinippori"。Arakawa-ku, in the land、Taito、Ward boundaries of the Bunkyo-ku, has mixed。It is also interesting to walk to look at such a place。 Sponsoring

An appearance photo board in front hula here Yanaka

The memorial of Yanesen walk、Or would you like to take an appearance picture in front Fura Yanaka here。Bend Yanaka Ginza of the end of the road to the right、We arrive and walk for a while the night market street。 Sponsoring


谷根千散歩の途中で通るかもしれない細い道通称「へび道」は文字通りへびのようにクネクネ曲がった細い道ですこんなに細い道なのに文京区と台東区の区界になっています一本裏には大通り(不忍通り)があるのに不思議ですねこんな細い道が区界になっているのは昔ここに藍染川が流れていたためです今では埋められてしまったので不忍通りの方が区界っぽいような気がしますが区界を整備したころにはまだ不忍通りがなかったんですね区界の雰囲気がわかるように文京区と台東区の標識が一緒に写り込む場所を探して一枚取ってみましたちょっとわかりづらいですが写真右側が文京区(千駄木)左側が台東区(谷中)です地図・地形マニアの方は地図を片手に文京区、Taito、荒川区北区の境界線を探ってみてください意外と見つけづらいポイントがありますよ。 Sponsoring


千駄木・根津根津神社 湯島湯島天神・神田明神 大手町皇居・将門首塚 霞ヶ関愛宕神社 赤坂豊川稲荷・赤坂不動・日枝神社 乃木坂出雲大社東京分祠 明治神宮前明治神宮 代々木公園代々木八幡宮 こんなコースで丸一日つぶせると思います効果のほどはわかりませんが画像は豊川稲荷です。 Sponsoring

Harvest moon as seen from the Yanaka Ginza

谷中銀座から見た中秋の名月ですどれが月かわからないって?谷中銀座の看板の中に見える丸いヤツですよ携帯で撮るとこんな感じになります。 Sponsoring

Long-established cafe of Jinbocho to become a painting "Radorio"

神保町には絵になる喫茶店がいくつもありますが昭和24年オープンという老舗中の老舗がラドリオですここで直木賞の発表を待った作家もいるほど多くの文人墨客に愛されてきました徒歩30秒くらいのところに三省堂があります昭和レトロな喫茶店で作家先生の気分にひたりながら読書の秋を楽しむのはいかがでしょうか地下鉄の神保町駅からは徒歩3分くらいです向かいには同じくレトロな老舗喫茶「ミロンガ・ヌオーバ」があります被写体としても素晴らしいレトロ感です何度通りかかってもシャッターを切ってしまいます。 Sponsoring

Of kettle fried noodles Nezu-Kamatake

A nice building、It is Kamatake's kettle fried noodles。Kosi noodles is popular。structure、We matrix。 Store Ya who left the atmosphere of the warehouse、Garden visible from the table seating is also a feast。 Back location of the Chiyoda line Nezu Station、100I just walked around m。 Sponsoring

Mommy's Ann Suriru Yanaka store of Apple Pie

Souvenir of classic Yanesen walk、Apple is Mommy's Ann Suriru Yanaka store of pie。5 kinds of apples (Fuji-Tsugaru, Chiaki, Shinano sweet ruby) authentic apple pie of sticking to selectively use is popular depending on the season。Handmade。 The location is the night market street of Yanaka。Yanaka is the immediate vicinity of the Ginza。 mammies an sourire (Mommy-en-Suriru) Sponsored links

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