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Also possible worship night "Edo total tutelary" Kanda Myojin

Although many of the shrine will be Heimon in the evening、This Kanda Myojin You can visit at night。Indeed、It is "Edo total tutelary"。During the day but crowded with many people、Also Some people have to pray very hard night。 Please the person that "sometimes you want to just ask the way home," "really want to in today worship"。 6It wicket Chinowa carried out in the month 30 and December 31, 2008。Anyone who "go to forget it!"。The image that you pass through three times in a letter in the form of 8 Chinowa of the image from the left (infinity mark?)、Why not try to pay the unclean。Whether or not there is effective、I do not know。。。 It passes through and、It is so many things bad is paid。Since the description of the character is difficult、Please try to search for "Chinowa wicket" who the right way worries。I、It has around round and hung in front of the people。。。Minute is to turn many、Will it be okay? Sponsoring


「地下鉄の踏み切り」普通は必要ないですよね地下を走るのでそんなわけで非常に珍しいのですが東京メトロ銀座線の上野検車区には地下鉄唯一の踏み切りがあります銀座線の上野駅の近くにあります車両基地に向かう途中に列車が道路を横切るための踏み切りです。 Sponsoring


アメ横でマグロやカニを物色したり年末年始の買出しが忙しい時期ですが季節的に薬やマスクなどもそろえておきたいところですねアメ横の「OSドラッグ」にもぜひお立ち寄りください。here、とにかく安いです!「薬なんてどこで買っても同じでしょ?」と思っている方マジで安いのでビックリしますよ!アメ横から上野駅に向かう途中にあるので場所はわかりやすいですよ。 Sponsoring

Ohira ginkgo (large ginkgo of Sendagi chome 3 "Daegu hill")

It is a large ginkgo to enjoy the colors come and go from summer to autumn。Recently, there are still yellow leaves before the end of the year probably because of global warming。This ginkgo stand Daegu slope (your cattle slope) is、It is derived from the Daegu who took up residence in this land。Ginkgo is having the edge with said Masayoshi Ohira the former prime minister became the Lord's mansion after。We also or is referred to as "Ohira ginkgo" in why。 [Reference] Daegu hill your cattle hill | slope story this large paper hill (your cattle slope) is、It is quite a steep hill。When you turn off climbing the hill、It will arrive soon in the old Yasuda KusunokiTakeshi House。Infrequently、I saw a bike go down this hill with no brakes、It is quite dangerous。Also quite a pounding day after snow fell。 Great to Osaka、Miurasaka、Such as dynamic slope、Tanne is a thousand There are a number of hill named after the history is attached。The specific origin is、Please look at the label on the hill。 Sponsoring

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