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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Issa Kobayashi also poem haiku "Tsukimitera"

It is this line temple which was called the "Tsukimitera" from the goodness of view。Hongyotera is a temple on the way going up the palace hill。Nippori Station, just around the corner。 Beautiful garden、Also referred to as "Tsukimitera" because the view from the hill was great、Issa Kobayashi We are also calling a phrase such as "blue fields of dew the fish shop alone sake"。 High-rise apartment you can see by now。 Sponsoring

Convenient bus to Yanaka Asakusa tour "Tour of you"

From walking Yanaka to Asakusa to anyone who tries to ladder。Circulation bus in Taito "Tour of you" is、Ueno from Yanaka、It is a convenient bus that go in one hundred yen to Asakusa。It is necessary to transfer it's train、I'm do not want to me one hundred yen。It is only at 160 yen Asakusa from Ueno if Ginza line。 300If you buy a one day ticket of the circle、That shops and historic sites to be worried about is getting off Once in the eye、You can Burari stopover of the journey。 If you buy in the middle of the Yanesen walk、Yanaka is like you can buy in the western constituency office Yanaka Branch of buckwheat elementary school。 Sponsoring

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