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Toden 7500 form of vehicle、Ikenohata has been on display in the children's park

Olden days、Around here is Toden was running。Vehicle of Toden 7500 form (Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation 7500 form train) has been saved exhibited in Ikenohata children's park in the remnants。This land is a place where there is a bus stop (Ikenohata Nanaken Town) of streetcar。 Toden that was running here (20 system) Hirokoji Ueno from the town Kandasuda、Ueno Park、Through the right side of Shinobazunoike、But I was running until Edogawabashi out to Shinobazu street from this Ikenohata Nanaken-cho、Showa has been abolished in 46 years。 It is a side street when you walk walking down the Shinobazu Street。Try not to miss。 Toden is recommended for those who likes。 Sponsoring

The main hall of Kan'ei-ji, which is also the family temple of the Tokugawa family, "Konponchudo"

Higashi Eizan Kan'ei-ji of the main hall, which is also the family temple of the Tokugawa family is "Konponchudo"。There is also in the Tendai sect exceptional Daihonzan。Founded in Kan'ei-ji is is 1625、Konponchudo is built of 1698。 Your principal image of Kan'ei-ji is Yakushi (Yakushi Ruriko Tathagata)、Imperial scroll of "Ruri dono" that follows the "Konponchudo" is due to Emperor Higashiyama。 Famous Korin Ogata brother in Rimpa、There is also the tomb of Kenzan Ogata。Ogata work of Korin、There is also will be seen in the permanent exhibition of the Tokyo National Museum of about a 5-minute walk from Kan'ei-ji。 For comparison、"Higashi Eizan" is、As Hiei to protect the Kyoto Imperial Palace of Kimon (northeast)、Meaning that protect the Kimon "Hiei of Kanto" of Edo Castle has been put。surely、Ueno Park is located in the north-east of Edo Castle (Imperial Palace)。 Ueno Park there Kannondo and Shimizu in Shinobazunoike Bentendo is also one of the temple of Kan'ei-ji。The old days、The entire area of ​​Ueno Park were included in the site of the old precincts of Kan'ei-ji。 1868After most of Kyara of Kan'ei-ji has been destroyed by Ueno war of the year、1873Site is specified in the park a year、1924Now named "Ueno Park" to the year。 Sponsoring

Was walking in the Ogai Mori Soseki Natsume et al., "Yabushita street"

The Yabushita street in the vicinity of watching tide Tower of Ogai Mori、Nezu is a narrow road that leads from the shrine back gate to Komagome direction。Walk when you go to now even Nezu Shrine。 Many of the literati Bokkyaku Ya visit to the watch tide Tower of Ogai Mori who lived nearby、Takuboku Ishikawa、Ichiyo Higuchi、It seems to have been Soseki Natsume, et al walking area。There is also a monument of Mishio Tower marks。 Once upon a time it has a narrow road width、Snow of the day is so bush on both sides seemed much longer to walk choked the road under the weight of snow。 Sponsoring

Masaoka Shiki、Ako warriors Yukari beans wealth cuisine of the "bamboo 乃雪"

Yuan recorded four years (1691) Entrepreneurship、Masaoka Shiki、Ako warriors Yukari of Tofu (bean curd) is the cuisine of the shop。 After the raid of Ako warriors、This historic long-established enough to have delivered the tofu to Kuranosuke Oishi was deposited in the Hosokawa House et al.。 There is also at the store was made for the first time silken tofu in Edo。 But just from Uguisudani Station (Nippori side of the exit)、You walk from the Nippori Station。 Taste different from the tofu you are always bought、You can enjoy the atmosphere。 [Sales] 9:30 am to 8:00 pm 11:Monday holiday Sponsored links

Loquat Bridge traces of the vestiges of Aizen river

Snake road, which is also the specialty of Yanaka walk、That it's a relic of Aizen river would not a few of you know。 Speaking of the vestiges of Aizen river、Chojiya's and the 1895 founding、Will this much loquat Bridge marks。 Natsume is a bridge that came out to "Sanshiro" of Soseki。Since it is not far from the cat of the house、It will was a walk course。 Sponsoring

Popular puppet performance in Yanaka "Emikichi"

Finger Puppet Emikichi of climb of "Emikichi" is mark is、Is very popular the puppet play。3That's right can be seen the performance get together people or more (fee:Monday and Tuesday closed)。 In without knowing the words of LOL continuous、It seems popular with foreign tourists。You can also enjoy drawing portrait by puppets。 Business trip performance Ya、Based on it is so us to be the creation of puppet caricatures。It will be a lifetime of memories。 Sponsoring

Of long-established of the 1895 founding Somemonoya "Nezu-Chojiya"

Chojiya of Nezu is、Founded by 1895、This dyeing shop of long-established。 Since the previously has been flowing in the front of the shop is Aizen river、That's right took up shop in this land。Although we are currently the river are filled、Whether this narrow road is in the ward boundaries in Bunkyo-ku and Taito Ward would be remnants of Aizen river。 Also it is put goods of the sum such as towel。It is perfect for souvenir。 Unfortunately, the building has been demolished, but was reopened in January 2014。 Sponsoring

Hongo Oiwake milestone marks (4km to Nihonbashi)

There is a mark of "4km to Nihonbashi" in the vicinity of the Hongo University of Tokyo Akamon。 That is 4km from Nihonbashi、Is that there was also a milestone of Nakasendo (Nakasendo) originating from the Nihonbashi。Currently, there are still as "Hongo Oiwake milestone mark"。 Takasakiya who is at the milestone mark is、Is a liquor store of long-established much more than 200 years, which was founded in treasure calendar year。 here、Shogun is also the starting point branches to sunlight Onari the road when you go to Nikko Toshogu。Since the old days of Nakasendo and the root of the current Hongo street is a little different、And "4km to Nihonbashi," said Hongo Oiwake milestone mark has an error about 100m is。 Sponsoring

Per person is the main coffee shop "quite human milk hole"

お1人様の席がメインの喫茶店「結構人ミルクホール」です行き方が少しわかりづらいですが不忍通りから根津神社の裏門の方(日本医科大付属病院の方とも言う)に進む道とは反対側の細い道に入って行くとこの目印の看板がありますその前にすぐ近くにある往来堂書店で1冊買ってコーヒーを飲みながら読むってのはどうでしょうか。 Sponsoring

An exhaust port leading to the site of the Manseibashi Station

神田川にかかる万世橋のそばにある排気口ですただの排気口ではなく東京地下鉄道(現在は銀座線)の万世橋駅の跡地へとつながっています末広町駅と神田駅の間にあり延伸工事の間(1930年から1931年ごろ)2年くらいだけ営業していたそうです今でも跡が残っておりブラタモリでやってましたね。 Sponsoring

Katsura Aizen Yukari of temple "Yanaka Jisho Institute"

Jisho Institute of Yanaka is、It is a temple of Matsutaro Kawaguchi of masterpiece "Katsura Aizen" Yukari。 It has been said from rāgarāja image and the main hall before the Katsura tree, which is enshrined in AizomeDo and inspired。 To become I care only that of divine favor、In the stone monument keyword "various gun rapid completion" is, but I no ginger in the mood。 Since there is what they overheard a "divine favor of rāgarāja is not is God!"、In particular, I think I'm anxious。 Sponsoring

Long-established of about the same age as Ogai Mori "Edo Chiyogami of Ise Dragon"

Familiar shops in Edo Chiyogami "Isetatsu" is、Motoharu first year (1864) founded、1862Year is born of Ogai Mori the same generation of the long-established。Edo Chiyogami-wrapping cloth, Poti bag Coaster Notepad etc.、Accessories perfect is packed to the souvenir of Yanesen walk。It is popular with foreign tourists。 Sponsoring

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